In 1979 Magnus had just ended The Company of the Gallows. He then asked Barbieri for a story to draw; Barbieri offered him Vendetta Macumba written by Ennio Missaglia.
The story is about Uncle Luis who is killed by his grandchildren who want his inheritance. With the help of a witch Luis comes back from the dead as a zombie, to take revenge over his grandchildren for his death.

In this story, Magnus recreates Brazilian atmospheres starting from the Carnival of Rio, through the rituals of the jungle indigenous people and finally to the lifestyle of the wealthy whites .
Magnus made extensive use of black backgrounds in order to adapt to the macabre of the story and to speed up the delivery of his work for which he only had a few weeks before the summer break.



Vendetta Macumba Fumetti dell’orrore n.4, Ottobre 1979 pagine 94 a 6 quadretti (tre strisce) bianco e nero

Glittering Images

ottobre 1986 – 94 pagine a 6 quadretti (tre strisce) bianco e nero


collana Spektron, n.3 aprile 1993 formato pocket 94 pagine a 6 quadretti (tre strisce) in bianco e nero


Squalo comics, n.32 marzo 1995
Vendetta macumba Mezzanotte di morte pag.56 – Quella sera al collegio femminile pag.56 a due quadretti

la Repubblica

L’Arte di Magnus
i Classici del fumetto di Repubblica n.41- 2003
formato pocket a 6 quadretti (3 strisce) in bianco e nero

Grifo Edizioni

novembre 2004 grande formato (30 x 37)
94 pagine a 6 quadretti (3 strisce) in bianco e nero

RCS Libri Lizard

giugno 2010
Vendetta Macumba e Il teschio vivente pag.112 a due quadretti