Almanac 1995 is a valuable agenda made by the publisher Bolognese Granata Press. Magnus adds to it five stories of six pages and 12 illustrations, one for each month. The subjects refer to both the folk tales of the Apennines and to the Chinese tradition the Fantastic tales of Liao.

The titles of the stories are: “The head of the beautiful girl” – “Mr. Lelli, one with the scar on the eye” -” The bridesmaids of the rainbow” – “Birth of a dragon” – Captain Iron” –

These stories are short and sweet. They are narrated with captions and voiceover. The true protagonist of these boards are the valleys of the Santerno on the Bologna side of the Apennines near the village of Castel Del Rio. These valleys will become the background for Texone as well.

Granata Press
dicembre 1994
42 pagine bianco e nero cm.18×25 cartonato